Welcome to the Taonga Syndicate!

this week .... Room 12 & Room 13

Room 12

During the first week of June Room 12 went on our first trip for the year to the Alberton House in Mt Albert.

This was part of our inquiry for the term- Civilistation. We learnt about the resources available to the family who lived in the Alberton house, and we all had a turn at churning cream to make butter. We had a great time!

During our visit to the Alberton house we saw some chickens and were watching them eat and run around.

We were amazed to see how fast they can run and how loud they can be. We tried to make chicken noises and do the chicken dance!

For our inquiry this term we are studying Ancient Egypt. We have learnt the Egyptian alphabet, made our own name tags, learnt a myth and done some art around the myth.

We have looked the how the towns in Egypt are different to Auckland and designing our own Egyptian town. We are being creative as we have only being given limited resources!

In class we do a lot of buddy work and assess each other before going to see Miss Ioane. This helps us gain feedback and feed forward from our peers if

Miss Ioane is working with a group and so we can make changes or improvements before conferencing with Miss Ioane.

In Room 13 we don’t like reading….



We have had a Readathon over the last fortnight as part of our Book Week celebrations.  Check out all the photos of us reading at home.  Everyone who read for fourteen days in a row gets to take home a brand new book!  

Room 13 - Readathon

We also did so many fun activities during Book Week.  We read Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book and then made our own version “Room 13’s Favourite Books”.  We had a book themed EUREKA session, and enjoyed dressing up and having a fun rotation day with the Taonga Syndicate.

We wrote about our favourite books.  We had to tell the reader what our favourite book was called, what it was about and why we liked it.  We hope you like them.


Our Favourite Books...

Children are required to wear hats at morning tea and lunchtime during terms 1 & 4.        It is handy for the children to have a hat they can leave at school. 
It is a good idea for children to have a drink bottle to leave in their classroom.
Matipo has a no yoghurt policy (including squeezy pouches) due to the messy nature and smell when spilt on classroom carpets and in bags.
 Lost Property is displayed outside the staffroom in weeks 3, 6 & 9 of each term. Please name all clothes so  they can be returned to you.
 Please leave toys and special items at home.