Welcome to the Taonga Syndicate!

this week.....  Room 12 & Room 21

Room 12

Room 12 have been learning about fractions during whole class maths on Monday’s, our first lesson we got to experiment cutting pizza into fractions.

We have been making fractions flowers to show our understanding of fractions e.g. ¼, ½ and ⅛.

Last week we went to Corban's Art Estate to look at patterns within art. 

We drew our own pictures of animals and sea creatures using pastels. We learnt how to blend colours together to make our pattern more effective.

On Wednesday we celebrated a bright and beautiful day by dressing up in bright and

beautiful clothes. 

Our day started with a parade, then a performance by the APO band, sausage sizzle for lunch and concluded with a Junior disco.

Room 21

Kia ora,
It has been a very busy and exciting week for Room 21. On Wednesday we enjoyed the Bright and Beautiful day, which started with a parade followed by a concert by Aucktet, a brass ensemble
consisting of eight players from the APO. 

After morning tea we were treated to a variety concert
with young and older artists performing for us. After lunch it was time for a disco.
On Thursday we went to the Corban Arts Estate, were we learnt to make illustrations in the style of
Warren Pohatu. Here is some footage of the students in action.

Children are required to wear hats at morning tea and lunchtime during terms 1 & 4.        It is handy for the children to have a hat they can leave at school. 
It is a good idea for children to have a drink bottle to leave in their classroom.
Matipo has a no yoghurt policy (including squeezy pouches) due to the messy nature and smell when spilt on classroom carpets and in bags.
 Lost Property is displayed outside the staffroom in weeks 3, 6 & 9 of each term. Please name all clothes so  they can be returned to you.
 Please leave toys and special items at home.