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Room 13

In Room 13 we don’t like reading….



We have had a Readathon over the last fortnight as part of our Book Week celebrations.  Check out all the photos of us reading at home.  Everyone who read for fourteen days in a row gets to take home a brand new book!  

Room 13 - Readathon

We also did so many fun activities during Book Week.  We read Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book and then made our own version “Room 13’s Favourite Books”.  We had a book themed EUREKA session, and enjoyed dressing up and having a fun rotation day with the Taonga Syndicate.

We wrote about our favourite books.  We had to tell the reader what our favourite book was called, what it was about and why we liked it.  We hope you like them.


Our Favourite Books...

Room 13

Room 13 have been learning to write a range of poems.  We have been learning about cinquains.  Cinquains use the following structure:

Line 1: title

Line 2: two adjectives

Line 3: three verbs

Line 4: A sentence about a feeling

Line 5: a synonym for the title.


Here are some of our cinquains:

Room 13 Cinquains

Late last term we all celebrated Easter with a special EUREKA session, themed maths, and of course the Friends of Matipo Easter Bonnet Parade and Easter Hunt.  Check out the photos of us in our awesome hats and enjoying our Easter competition.

Room 13 Easter

Room 13

Rm 13 Writing Project

Room 13 was involved with a fun nationwide project called “Get New Zealand Writing”.  We were provided with a bunch of postcards, a big poster and some stationery to make up a package to sent to another school.  

We were paired up with Homebase 11 from Clearview School in Rolleston, Christchurch.

 We all decorated a postcard and wrote a simile about ourselves on the back.  We sent them a magnet and hope that they will send us one back because we are collecting magnets this year!  

We are going to write to the children again soon and hope that we will hear back from them!

Room 13

Every Wednesday afternoon Room 13 has EUREKA!  This is our favourite time of the week.  

EUREKA is based on the ‘Discovery Time’ concept - an afternoon where we have a number of different activities to do.  These activities range from cooking, to science, to technology challenges, ICT and much much more.  

Each week will have a different focus and a particular skill that we are practising based on the Habits of Mind.  So far this term we’ve been learning that successful people are Careful - they stop and think before they act.  

During EUREKA we lead our own learning, deciding which activities we would like to do and trying a range of different things that we may not have chosen before.  We reflect after each session and discuss what we have learnt.  

“I learnt that it’s fun to play with Harry, because we’ve never played together before.” Riley.

"I worked hard on the puzzle.  Usually I give up.  But today I stayed and kept going.  I felt good about it.”  Olivia.

Amelie taught me how to play Top Trumps and then I taught Daniel.” Wyatt.

“I learnt how to make a card using your hand.  You had to only cut half of it so it would open.”  Jude.

“I learnt how to make heart cards.  I remember it still and can make them at home.” Fabian.