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Room 14

Room 14

We have been doing drama this term with Mr Osborn. In our first lesson we discussed what drama is and when we use it.

We did some activities where we got into a groups of a certain number that Mr Osborn called out. In those groups we had to create different shapes, like circles and squares and also objects, like houses and aeroplanes with our bodies. We used our creativity and had great fun making the different objects.

We also did a freeze frame task. Mr Osborn gave us the scenario of being at the movies with our friends and it gets to a scary scene. We had time to practice what that would look like in our groups. Then we showed the rest of the class our scene. We had 5 seconds to get into position.

Don’t you think we look terrified?!

Rm 14 - Drama

Room 14

In Term 3 the Taonga Syndicate focused on patterns during Art. We went on a trip to Corbans Estate to learn more about drawing animals and making patterned artwork with pastels.

We started off by drawing the first copy of our chosen animal with pencil. We had to make sure it filled up the whole page.

After that we transferred our first copy onto black paper using a special chalk. Once we had drawn the outline, we made the lines darker and began to add colour to our creatures.

We were encouraged to make them nice and colourful and to use different patterns. We then coloured in our backgrounds to make our animals really stand out!

Don’t our finished pictures look great!

Room 14 - Corbans

In Room 14 we created our very own Rube Goldberg machines for Inquiry. Our machines needed to have 3 different parts to them and had to have a purpose or outcome.

We collected a whole heap of different materials and began creating our machines in groups of 3 or 4. Our machines used a variety of simple machines such as inclined planes, pulleys, levers and wheel & axles.

We decided to show our parents our machines during the Learning Expo. Most of them were

successful at least once.

Creating our machines was hard work, but we learnt to keep trying and not to give up. We also found out that we needed to work together with our team mates and listen to their ideas. We had a lot of fun making them. Have a look at some of our machines below.

Room 14

Room 14 were in charge of running the assembly in week 4. We shared our characters and descriptions with the Taonga and Mana syndicates. Our parents were also there to see what an awesome job we had done.

Mr Osborn was up the front to help us out if we got stuck, but we did such an awesome job of remembering what to say, that we didn’t need his help. Mr Osborn was so proud of all of us for having the confidence to get up and speak in front of all those people.

Here are some photos from the assembly of us sharing our learning. If you would like a closer look at our character descriptions, be sure to pop into Room 14 anytime.

Room 14 - Assembly

Room 14

This term we are learning about how to write a narrative. We know that a narrative has characters, a setting, a problem and a solution (plot).

At the moment we are focusing on creating our main character. Here we are drawing pictures of our main characters. We have to think about what our character is wearing and their facial expression to show whether they are good or bad.

Once we’ve drawn and coloured in our characters, we’re going to write a brief description about them. We have to include what they look like (clothes, size) and also describe their personality using lots of adjectives.

We can’t wait to share our character descriptions at our assembly on Friday!

Room 14 - Characters

Viking shields


This term in Room 14 we have been studying the Vikings. During the week we found out information about Viking shields and designed our own.


We found out that the shields were round and the main colours on the shields were white and red, and also black and yellow. We also learnt that the shields were between 80-90cm in diameter and weighed around 7-10kg. The Vikings also held the shields with one hand so they could protect themselves more easily. This meant that the Vikings had to be really strong!


Once we had found out the information we had a go at designing our own Viking shields on some paper. We used simple designs and only a few colours to make them look like proper Viking shields. Once we had designed our shields, Mr Osborn got us to write a sentence about our shield. We either described what it looked like or what the colours and patterns represented.


Here are some of our designs. In the next couple of weeks we plan on making our shields using cardboard and paint.

Room 14 - Viking Shields

Room 14

This term Room 14 has been doing boggle as one of our spelling activities. We try to make as many words as we can using the letters on the boggle wall. Each week we have a focus. This weeks focus was finding words that have the ‘ck’ and ‘ng’ digraphs in them and trying to make as many word families as we could.

Room 14 - Boggle

Here are some of the words that we managed to find. 

Can you spot any we may have missed?

For Inquiry we are studying the Vikings. This week we looked at the way the Vikings communicated. They used an alphabet called Futhark and the letters were known as Runes.

Room 14 - Viking Runes

We used the Runes to write our names onto the whiteboards.

Some of us wrote our full names while some of us just wrote our first names. We then had a go at writing messages for our buddy to decode.

Here we are holding up our names.

Room 14 - Publishing Wall

In the past few weeks Room 14 has done some amazing writing that is currently being displayed on our publishing wall.

Room 14 - Publishing

We wrote about lots of different things, such as the school disco, spending time with our family and friends, riding our bmx bikes and even a spaceship landing on top of our teacher!

Room 14 - Gummy Bear Writing

A few of us published our stories about gummy bears coming out of our taps! We were shown this picture and we used our imaginations to create these amazing stories! Have a read for yourself.

Last week we brainstormed ideas and wrote stories about Mr Osborn’s super cute puppy, Gus. We described Gus as adorable, fluffy, cuddly and even a karate master! This week we are going to publish our stories about Gus to go up on our publishing wall. We can’t wait to show everyone!

Room 1 - Gus

Room 14 is Firewise!

This term we are learning about fire safety and what to do if we find a lighter or matches lying around. We know that we must give them to an adult straight away….that’s being firewise!!

Lighters and matches are tools not toys! We did an activity where we sorted different objects into two groups….tools and toys.

We decided that some objects, like old phones and computers could be either a tool or a toy depending on how they’re used.

Here are some photos of what each group decided was a tool and what was a toy. Do you agree with us?

Room 14 - Firewise