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Room 15

Room 15

Maths + Art = Awesome!

This week Room 15 decided to make learning the times tables a lot easier and fun by using ART!

We all got a page of graph paper and thought of one multiplication problem that was tricky for us to remember, or our favourite one.  We then had to write our numbers in each square of the grid paper. The trick was to fool the audience’s eyes by hiding the numbers!

We then repeated that problem 5 times, dropping down and over one square for 3 times, then down and back a square for two times. We had to colour each repeated number with the same colours to make them look like patterns, and make it even harder to find the numbers.

Can you see the maths in our art?

Room 15 - Maths Art

Room 15

Writing time in Room 15 has become even more exciting this week with comic strip writing!

We learnt that anyone can create their own comics if you follow a few simple directions.
We first
watched a professional cartoonist Dave McDonald explain the step by steps of making a fridge door

Fridge door comic is a comic story that is only one page long with 4 panels. It’s made to
display on your refrigerator door so that anyone can enjoy your story!

We first learnt the guidelines of how to plan our 4 panels; starting with the title, then conflict, advance, and finishing with a cliff hanger ending. We then planned our stories in our books, and once we were happy with our edited work, we published it.

Come and have a look at Room 15’s window to see our awesome (and hilarious) comics!

Once a week, as part of our technology unit, Mrs Ahn gives our class a challenge. This week’s
challenge was to make glasses using just straws and a little strip of cellotape. We got into groups to
create our own glasses. It was so tricky!

We then had a competition for the glasses that stayed on for the longest after doing star jumps. The two winning groups managed 100 star jumps and the glasses never fell off! WOW!

Room 15

Room 15 was lucky to be the first Taonga class to lead the assembly this term. We were so excited that we started planning from day one!

We love to share our art with the school and thought it would be a great idea to use the theme of ‘patterns’ and create a cool 3D effect picture.

We first studied about patterns and learnt that they are decorative designs that repeat itself. Did you know that by just using lines and colours you can create a really cool pattern and sometimes optical illusions? Take a look!

We started off by drawing 6 intersecting lines on our paper with a ruler. It was important to keep our lines meeting at the same exact point in the middle.

We then drew curved lines in every other piece, and used oil pastels to colour those pieces in to make a white/colour/white/colour pattern.

Finally, we drew curved lines going in the opposite direction in the pieces that were left blank, and used a different colour to make another pattern.



This is a picture of us holding it up at our assembly. Don’t we look fabulous? ☺

We hope you enjoyed our assembly!

Room 15

As part of our inquiry topic this Term we have been exploring Ancient Egypt!

This week we looked at hieroglyphics, which are characters of the ancient Egyptian writing system. 

The Egyptian hieroglyphic script was used by ancient Egyptians to represent their language. They used pictures to represent letters that we have in the alphabet today. Some Greeks believed that Egyptian hieroglyphs were something sacred, so they called it 'holy writing'.

First, we learnt to write our own names in hieroglyphics.

Then, we wrote it on a scroll and decorated it. How do they look?



After that, we had to decode a special message that was written in hieroglyphics! It was not easy at all.

Finally, we even got to create and write our own messages!


Do you think you can decode Room 15’s message? Have a go!

Room 15 loves drumming!


This week we got to join our syndicate in the Rhythm Interactive Drumming Show.

It was a fantastic experience and we loved being able to play the drums ourselves!

John Boone, the drummer, inspires people to make a positive change in our world, through

themes such as “Actions speak louder than words”, “Together as one” and “We can make a change”.

​We also learnt about the different types of drums like Bongos, Congas and Djembes!

Room 15 Loves Drumming

Room 15 is busy having fun!

In the last few weeks, we have been very busy with fun school events like athletics and Taonga camp day!

We loved trying our best at

all the events and cheering

for each other at athletics.

We also loved having breakfast together and reading in tents at camp!



In class we have been busy with fun reading activities. Take a look at the activities we do in Room 15!

We love to write creative stories

and plays as our ‘Big Paper Writing’.


We also love to perform our plays in front of the class!

We make sure to practice our spelling words everyday too.

Everyday is a busy and fun day in Room 15 ☺



Following our Ronald McDonald visit on Monday last week, Room 15 has been learning more about ‘road safety’ and ‘fire safety’.

We have decided to create safety posters to share our knowledge with the rest of the school! C:\Users\Anna\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\IMG_9586.jpg

Some road safety rules that we wanted to teach others were to “Make it Click!” and put on a seat belt, and to “Stop, Look, and Listen” before you cross a road.

Rm 15 - Road Safety

Some fire safety rules that we wanted to teach others were to “Have a fire meeting place” in case of an emergency, to “Put out fire when you go to bed” and to “Shut the fire place door”.

Rm 15 - Firewise

Take a look at our cool posters and become safety-wise with us!