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Room 17

Room 17

We are lucky to have some very musically talented parents in room 17 who work in the arts.. These parents saw a competition from Play It Strange being advertised on the Seven Sharp TV show.

It was called the 100 piano Project. Play It Strange and Huawei had 100 pianos to give away to the top 100 schools who entered.

To enter the competition you had to create an original creative entry of either a short story, poem, song, play, mural or a dance. The only criteria was that your entry had to include a piano as part of the subject matter.

Andrew, Georgia and Cleo from room 17 along with their siblings, Julia, Oscar and Charlie decided that they wanted to write a song and enter the competition.

They brainstormed ideas about what music meant to them and how it makes them feel, then they turned these ideas into lyrics and with the help of their parents wrote and recorded a song called “Play Together”

When we heard the song, we thought it was pretty awesome, so the rest of room 17 learnt the song and we sang the song at our assembly on Friday.

The judges from Play It Strange and Huawei loved our song too and emailed us a couple of weeks ago to tell us, WE’VE WON A BRAND NEW PIANO FOR MATIPO!!!!

Room 17 - Piano

Room 17

This Term we are looking at the Living World for Inquiry.

We had a vote at the end of last term and decided we would like to learn about dinosaurs!

We wanted to know how big dinosaurs actually were, so we went outside onto the green court and Mrs Smith asked us to guess how long an Apatosaur was. We made a long line and Mrs Smith measured our guess, which was 16 metres long. Then she told us they were actually nearly 28m long. We made a line 28 metres long to see just how long that was.

After that we had to guess how big the footprint of an Apatosaur was and we sat in small groups to show our guesses.

When we went back inside Mrs Smith showed us the real size of the footprint it was HUGE!

Our next activity was to guess how many of our own footprints we could fit inside the Apatosaur footprint. We all drew round out feet on coloured paper, then Mrs Smith glued these onto the life sized footprint of the Apatosaur.

Aiden guessed the exact number – 49 of our footprints were able to fit inside and fill the Apatosasur footprint.

We can’t wait to learn lots more about dinosaurs!!!

Room 17 - Inquiry

Room 17

We have been learning about Simple Machines for Inquiry.
We have looked at Levers, Pulleys, Inclined Planes, Wheel and Axles, Screws and Wedges.

Room 17 Simple Machines

During inquiry time we have been using things around the classroom to make our own simple machines.

We have also been given special challenges from Mrs Smith that we have to complete in small groups. She gives us a few materials and a challenge and then we have to work together to try and complete the challenge.

This has been really fun! We have been learning how to work together as a team and make sure we listen to others ideas and include everyone.

Room 17 - Challenges

Challenge 1: to make the tallest tower using 5 sheets of newspaper and cellotape

Challenge 2: to make a bridge that can hold the weight of toy car, for this one we had 8 pieces of newspaper and cellotape.

Room 17

We were lucky enough to have a visit from a group called Ace Brass. The members of this group are 
all paid musicians in the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. 

There was Hugh on the trumpet, Emma on the French Horn, John on the Trombone and Eric on the 
They played a range of pieces show casing each instrument and the sound it makes. 

They also 
explained how each of the instruments worked and why they chose to learn their particular 
They taught us how to ‘buzz’ our lips the same way you would to play a brass instrument with a 
mouthpiece. It sounded funny!!


Emma is also a conductor in a choir so taught us a
ll a song with no words. We had to follow 
the tune 
that the instruments had made. 

Then we turned this into a round. It was quite tricky to keep our 
part going and ignore the other group.

Ace Brass explained to us that music wouldn’t work without numbers. They had some volunteers go 
up on the stage and help them count to show us how important counting and numbers are in music. 

John told us that musicians don’t like counting past 4!

They also got Mr Osborn and Whaea Ngaire up on stage to show how important music was in movies 
and that different speeds and types of music can change the mood/feeling 
of what was happening in 

We really enjoyed this show and look forward to the next visit from APO.

Room 17

This week it was our turn to host assembly.  We all get very excited when it’s our assembly.  

First of all, we have to choose who is going to do what job. To do this Mrs Smith does a lucky dip with our pop sticks so that it is fair for everyone.

Once we know who is doing what job, we have to choose our songs for assembly – We have a vote and then email Mrs Clarke so she can get the words ready and tell the band.

Mrs Smith types out our words so we know what we are going to say, these are numbered so we know what 
order we will speak in. 

She doesn’t tell us who wins the awards until assembly time, she doesn’t want to ruin the surprise so we have to wait to find out with everyone else!

We then have to email the classes who won the awards the previous weeks and ask them to return the awards to our class so we have them ready to hand out to the next winners at our assembly. 

Once we have all this organised we need to practice what we are going to share – this time we sang a song that we had been learning with Mr Kuchel – we practiced this with him a couple of times in the hall before assembly so we knew where to stand and how it was all going to work.


We also get to have a run through in the hall after lunch with the microphones so we are comfortable with what to say.

Then it is assembly time…. It’s exciting waiting for everyone to arrive. 

Mrs Smith said we did a great job! 
We had heaps of fun hosting assembly and look forward to next time.

Room 17

We have been very lucky to have one parent offer to come in and do some art with us. Jemma (Jean’s mum) is doing her Masters in Visual Art at AUT and has done 2 lessons with us.

As we are Studying Ancient Egypt for our Inquiry, we thought it would be neat to draw some of the gods and goddesses so this is what we did for the first lesson.

Jemma talked about looking carefully at the picture of the god or goddess and trying to draw the outline first. Some of us found this extremely challenging. So after this lesson we decided to focus on some basic drawing skills first.

Our second lesson Jemma brought in some objects from home for the children to do observational drawing with. The children had 5 mins per drawing to draw one of the objects on the table and then the objects were moved and they had to try something else. The children were very quiet and focussed (Jemma said that’s how artists work) and really enjoyed the activity. We are looking forward to our next lesson and developing our drawing skills further.  

Room 17 - Drawing

Room 17

Our Collaborative Lion

During  the first few weeks of school room 17 worked together on a collaborative art piece. We all had a piece to complete.

Once we had finished we put it all together. Our lion is 1m x 1.3m. We are very happy with how it turned out.

Road Safety

As part of Keeping Ourselves Safe, room 17 has been learning about Road Safety. We learnt some great tips when Ronald McDonald came to our school. We decided to practice crossing the road safely. We went up to the crossing outside school and crossed the road in small groups. We had to Stop, Look, Listen and Think.


We were very sensible when we crossed the road and knew it was important to walk and not run! We thought I was a good idea to hold an adults hand if we could as well.  

After we practiced crossing the road safely we decided to go for a little walk and look for SNEAKY driveways. Check out the photos of us crossing the road safely and hunting for those pesky sneaky driveways.

Room 17 - Road Safety

Daily 5 in Room 17!

In Room 17 this year we are doing a programme called daily 5.  

Daily 5 is our literacy programme that runs from 9-11 each morning.  (Except flexi day) During daily 5 the children rotate around 4-5 different activities.  

The activities include: listening to reading, read to self, word work, work on writing and read to someone.  While the children are rotating around these activities Mrs Smith works with groups for guided reading and writing workshops.  

Here are some photos of us doing our rotation activities last week.  Room 17 love daily 5!