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Room 20

Room 20

For inquiry learning this term we are investigating living things. Mrs Verney thought it would be a great idea for us to try to grow our own living thing so she collected lots of Little Gardens every time she went shopping.

We had great fun planting them and we were really surprised when some got really big fast. This meant we had to replant them so Mrs Verney bought us all a bigger pot which we were able to decorate.

Then some of us got to replant ours as they were big enough. We had loads of fun and hope they continue to grow.

Rm 20 - Little Gardens

                                                    Room 20

Last term Room 20 looked at fractions during maths.  For something a little different we used a book called Picture Pie to create different patterns and animals with fraction pieces.

We first had to 

Room 20

In Room 20 we are continuing our exploration of simple machines and how they work. After we finished our investigation about levers we looked at inclined planes, screws and wedges.

Room 20 - Wheel & Axle

Last week we started to look at wheels & axles and how they work. We each made a balloon rocket car in which we had to build the wheel & axles. 

When we tried to race some of them outside we found that the wheels fell off so we are currently adapting them so hopefully this doesn't happen.

Room 20

We have had a very busy start to the term.  We really enjoyed making our pyramids and caves last term for inquiry and are looking forward to investigating simple machine this term.

We have started by looking at levers.  What they are and how they help us.

Mrs Verney challenged us to make a lever using what we could find in the room.  We then experimented with how they worked and whether we could balance two objects of different weights.

Room 20 - Investigating Levers

Room 20

This term we decided to look at Ancient Civilisations for Inquiry.  Mrs Verney said we needed to look at how humans lived before in the pre-historic period first. 

 We have become very interested in life back then and how different it is to how we live now.

Room 20 - Cave Paintings

We looked at some cave paintings and talked about how this was a way for people to communicate with each other. 

 We then had a go at creating some of our own.

Room 20 - Caves

Next we decided to make our own caves. First we had to cover a milk carton in black paper.  Then we added sky to some of the top parts of our cave.  

The caves are taking a little longer to make than we expected.  We are all finding parts of it a challenge and are working on giving it a go.  

We are looking forward to working on them again this week.

Room 20

What a busy start to Term 2 we have had in Room 20.

This term we are looking at Ancient Civilisations for Inquiry and we are all really excited about what we can make and create.


Before we can start we needed to take home some of our Term 1 creations. 

During the term we looked at being Sun Safe.  We made some sunhats to protect our faces and some cool     sunglasses.

In writing we are starting to look at adding detail using our five senses.  

To start this week each writing group worked with Mrs Verney blowing bubbles.  We were so focused and were having so much fun that Mrs Verney forgot to take photo's of us!!!  

After we had blown some we used this planning sheet to record words that described what we did.  

Then each group worked together to write a recount about the experience.  Here they are.....

Room 20 Writing - Bubbles

Room 20

Room 20 were very excited a couple of weeks ago to receive the litter award at Friday's assembly. 

We also enjoyed the fire fighters visit and have made a video with all the things we need to remember.  Hope you enjoy it!

Room 20 - Firewise.mp4

 Hi from Room 20!

It has been a busy couple of weeks in Room 20.  We have been working hard getting to know each other and for some of us exploring our new room.  

Last week during maths we learnt some new games and practiced using lots of different equipment.  

Mrs Verney was very impressed with how creative we were and how we worked so well with each other.  

For writing we have been working on writing about what we think is the best part of ourselves and why we think that. 

First we brainstormed our ideas and then drafted these ideas into sentences.  

Then we used the iPads to take a photo of each others best part and emailed them to Mrs Verney. 

While she printed the photos we published our writing. Mrs Verney put both parts together and here are a few of them.