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Room 21

Room 21

Last Tuesday Matipo School’s cross country took place. We practised very hard during the first weeks of the term, and we all tried to improve on our personal best on the day.

We are very proud of Ashlee Hari, who came first in the Y2 girls’ race, Noah Petley, who came second in the Y 3 boys’ Race, and Diana Raducu who came third in the Y3 girls’ race. Congratulations!

Room 21 - Cross Country

Room 21

Kia ora,
It has been a very busy and exciting week for Room 21. On Wednesday we enjoyed the Bright and Beautiful day, which started with a parade followed by a concert by Aucktet, a brass ensemble
consisting of eight players from the APO. 

After morning tea we were treated to a variety concert
with young and older artists performing for us. After lunch it was time for a disco.
On Thursday we went to the Corban Arts Estate, were we learnt to make illustrations in the style of
Warren Pohatu. Here is some footage of the students in action.

Room 21

During flexi day Room 21 has been learning about the elements of dance. We explored personal space and general space, shapes the body can make, a variety of locomotor and non-locomotor movements, and pathways.


We created dances to a variety of stories and last week we created a dance for a poem about an astronaut travelling to the moon. We all very much enjoy our dance classes!

For inquiry we have been studying simple machines and this week we have carried out some STEM challenges (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).  The first one was to create the tallest tower which could stand freely, only using four pieces of newspaper, scissors and glue. The greatest lesson we learnt was that bigger is not always better, as the smallest tower was the most stable.

We also created boats which had to be able to float successfully in a tank of water and carry at least one small coin. Then we had a competition to see how many coins the boats could carry before they sank. All our boats were pretty good and were all able to carry nine coins or more! We were working in groups of three and have been working together really well.

Room 21 Inquiry

Chinese Calligraphy

Room 21

We have been very excited to watch the new playground being built behind Room 20 and 21.

This week we thought about what our dream playground would be and came up with a theme for it.

Some of our themes were bananas, under the sea, candy, hearts and jungle.

We then wrote about our dream playgrounds and made 3D models of them.

Room 21 - Dream Playground

Room 21

Last term in Art we looked at the work of Jasper Johns and used it as inspiration for our own work. We made printing blocks that included letters from our names and then printed onto paper, some which we had collaged already.


Room 21

This term Room 21 are taking part in the Get NZ Writing initiative, and will exchange postcards with another class in New Zealand. As a part of this, we look at The Ian Sharp Poem which is a poem where the author, Ian Sharp, writes about himself through metaphors. We then had to write our own poems that included metaphors relating to a vehicle, a building, something in our community, food, and an item of clothing. Here are a few that we wrote:

The Maddie Rockell Poem

By Maddie

Maddie is a carousel going around and around.

Maddie is a library reading.

Maddie is the bakery making food to eat.

Maddie is a box of donuts full of lots of flavours.

Maddie is a pair of socks winning a race.


The Matai Parker Poem

By Matai

Matai is a drilling rig digging for gold.

Matai is the CN Tower in Toronto with loads of people rushing in.

Matai is the Te Atatu Community Centre with little children coming in to play in the elevator.

Matai is a strawberry smoothie.

Matai is a shirt with a picture of Darth Vader on it.

The Mathilda Rothwell-Horner Poem

By Mathilda

Mathilda is an ice cream van lighting up children’s faces.

Mathilda is a library with 900 books.

Mathilda is a garden filled with flowers and butterflies.

Mathilda is a strawberry ice cream on a sunny day.

Mathilda is a blue dress with a picture of a cat on it.


.The Autumn Bell Poem

By Autumn

Autumn is a yellow kayak with dirty paddles.

Autumn is a treehouse at the very top of a tree.

Autumn is the horse paddock on a calm morning.

Autumn is a carton of vegie sushi dashed with soy sauce.

Autumn is a pair of shorts sprinting on the lawn..


The Ky-Marny Massey Poem

By Ky-Marny

Ky-Marny is a monster truck.

Ky-Marny is the Sky Tower reaching up to the sky.

Ky-Marny is the $2 Shop filled with lots of Lego.

Ky-Marny is some yummy chocolate chip cookies.

Ky-Marny is some togs diving into the water with goggles.


The Nico Curran Poem

By Nico

Nico is a ship that takes bad stuff away.

Nico is a straw hut next to the sea.

Nico is a library reading for the day.

Nico is a container of sushi full of good stuff.

Nico is some togs swimming in the salty sea.


The Jane Louie Poem

By Jane

Jane is a mini car driving to school.

Jane is a home on a sunny day.

Jane is the dairy with lots of ice blocks.

Jane is a donut covered in strawberry icing.

Jane is a pretty dress spinning at school.


The Mila Luke Poem

By Mila

Mila is a crane that pulls bad stuff out of brains.

Mila is the Sky Tower that reaches for the sky.

Mila is the library full of books on a pleasant day.

Mila is a hula skirt that wiggles everywhere.

Mila is a smoothie that giggles all around.

The Liam Beazley Poem

By Liam

Liam is a police car patrolling the city.

Liam is the Sky Tower flying down with words.

Liam is the bank raining down with money.

Liam is a burger with lots of little bits that makes it awesome.

Liam is some togs winning a swimming race.

Kia Ora from Room 21!

We have spent the past week and a half getting to know each other and thinking about the type of class we want to be.

We discussed the whakatauki ‘He waka eke noa - We are all in the waka together’ and talked about how we need to all be working together to move forward, otherwise we’ll just go around in circles like a waka does when only some people are paddling.

We then each worked on a piece which was put together to make a waka. The tail of our waka has words describing the type of people we will be and things we will do to make Room 21 a great place to learn - friendly, look after the things in Room 21, share, help each other and work together.

We have also been creating self portraits and learning about how we can use different materials. First we drew our faces and shoulders using a pencil, then we cut ourselves into three parts! On one of the parts we used jovis (crayons) to colour it in, focusing on neatly colouring in.

For the next part we ripped up images from magazines and stuck them down to make a collage. We found out that although it took longer, smaller pieces looked better than bigger pieces. Finally we used pastels to colour in the last part. We had to blend colours to get the right shades that we wanted. We’re very proud of our final pieces!