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Room 12

Room 12

During the first week of June Room 12 went on our first trip for the year to the Alberton House in Mt Albert.

This was part of our inquiry for the term- Civilistation. We learnt about the resources available to the family who lived in the Alberton house, and we all had a turn at churning cream to make butter. We had a great time!

During our visit to the Alberton house we saw some chickens and were watching them eat and run around.

We were amazed to see how fast they can run and how loud they can be. We tried to make chicken noises and do the chicken dance!

For our inquiry this term we are studying Ancient Egypt. We have learnt the Egyptian alphabet, made our own name tags, learnt a myth and done some art around the myth.

We have looked the how the towns in Egypt are different to Auckland and designing our own Egyptian town. We are being creative as we have only being given limited resources!

In class we do a lot of buddy work and assess each other before going to see Miss Ioane. This helps us gain feedback and feed forward from our peers if

Miss Ioane is working with a group and so we can make changes or improvements before conferencing with Miss Ioane.

Room 12

Monday’s are flexi day, this term during PE we have learnt how to kick, trap and pass a soccer ball.

Last week we started rugby- how to position themselves and how to pass in rugby.

Here is a picture of Room 12 in their pairs practising passing a rugby ball.

During our reading time we have been practising our retell. Students wrote down keywords on three sticky notes each, and put them into their group modelling book.

Once all their sticky notes were in the book they had a look at what each other wrote and ticked a word if they agreed it was a keyword or added a cross if they thought it was incorrect.

During writing and handwriting students work together and pair up to edit each other’s work.

They look for two things their buddy had done well (two stars) and one thing they can work on ( a wish).

I then mark students work and they choose their story to publish on their day.

One morning during literacy one of the groups in Room 12 had a play for their book. They practised their play then performed it during brainfood in front of their peers.

They used their expressions well and were able to understand their characters and who the author intended the text for.


Room 12

Rm 12 Rabbits

Room 12 have welcomed two rabbits to Matipo Primary Rosie and Peppa. The pair live outside in the courtyard of Room 12.

Rm 12 KOS

The last few weeks we've had Keeping Ourselves Safe, learning how to act safely in certain situations. Constable Paul has done three sessions with us and some of our other sessions have included students performing skits of “what to do” in these situations.

We have had lots of class discussions and buddy sharing to share our ideas and experiences.

Room 12

Welcome to Room 12. Here are our desks in our learning environment where we do all our work during the day and interact with one another.

This is another learning area. The green table is where Miss Ioane works with groups and individual students during reading, maths and handwriting. The mat area is based around the smart board so she can project lessons up for us to see.

In Week 4 we went to a show in the hall. A couple of superheroes saved the world whilst tackling some obstacles on the way. We loved it!

Dakota is year 3 and has been working hard on her sounds during reading time. One big achievement is she used her sounds to help her pronounce the word submarine. She then did some research on the meaning of submarine. Dakota then visited Mr Bainbridge and told him all about her achievement and she received a Principal's golden sticker, pencil and star bracelet.

Last Friday we had a lesson about what to do if we need to get out in case of fire.  We learnt to; get down, get low and get out and what causes fires. We then learnt about the dangerous things in our house that we need to give to a parent if we come in contact with. We were then taken to have a look at a fire truck and see what is used to put out a fire.