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this week.....  Room 16 & Room 17

Room 16 Gymnastics Trip
On Wednesday 18th October Room 16 had the opportunity to go to the Waitakere Gymnastics Club for the morning. This opportunity allowed
students to apply some of the skills that they had learnt during PhysicalEducation in Term 3 to a variety of different gym equipment
which isn’t available at school.

As you can see from the photos some of the stations set up were amazing and challenging. The foam pit and trampolines proved to be a big hit with the students. The class returned to school very tired and worn out from their exciting morning at the Waitakere Gymnastics Club.

Room 16 - Gym

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to those parent helpers who came on the trip and helped to supervise and run the variety of different stations that had been set up for the morning gymnastics.

Room 17

This Term we are looking at the Living World for Inquiry.

We had a vote at the end of last term and decided we would like to learn about dinosaurs!

We wanted to know how big dinosaurs actually were, so we went outside onto the green court and Mrs Smith asked us to guess how long an Apatosaur was. We made a long line and Mrs Smith measured our guess, which was 16 metres long. Then she told us they were actually nearly 28m long. We made a line 28 metres long to see just how long that was.

After that we had to guess how big the footprint of an Apatosaur was and we sat in small groups to show our guesses.

When we went back inside Mrs Smith showed us the real size of the footprint it was HUGE!

Our next activity was to guess how many of our own footprints we could fit inside the Apatosaur footprint. We all drew round out feet on coloured paper, then Mrs Smith glued these onto the life sized footprint of the Apatosaur.

Aiden guessed the exact number – 49 of our footprints were able to fit inside and fill the Apatosasur footprint.

We can’t wait to learn lots more about dinosaurs!!!

Children are required to wear hats at morning tea and lunchtime during terms 1 & 4.        It is handy for the children to have a hat they can leave at school. 
It is a good idea for children to have a drink bottle to leave in their classroom.
Matipo has a no yoghurt policy (including squeezy pouches) due to the messy nature and smell when spilt on classroom carpets and in bags.
 Lost Property is displayed outside the staffroom in weeks 3, 6 & 9 of each term. Please name all clothes so  they can be returned to you.
 Please leave toys and special items at home.