Welcome to the Taonga Syndicate!

this week.....  Room 12 & Room 13 

Room 12
This term our inquiry topic is simple machines. We have been learning about what simple machines are and how they make our life easier. 

Our focus on one machine started with levers; Room 12

went to look at the seesaw’s in the playground in front of  

Room 20 and in the T

amariki playground. We compared the seesaw to a lever being used to move a heavy or 

firmly fixed load with one end when pressure is applied to  

the other.

We have been building friendships within our classroom and learning to feed off each other’s positive attitude. 

First we learnt to become ‘bucket fillers’ which enables us to make someone else happy by making a positive impact to their day. Building on the bucket fillers we successfully completed a human knot. As a class we worked together to use different strategies to untangle ourselves to form a full circle.

This term we have been sharing our writing at the end of each lesson. We have been

writing about narratives, our current focus is to change simple words for interesting words 

e.g. “ in the forest- the forest was dark and cold”. 

Miss Ioane has a jar full of popsicle sticks with all our names on, three names get pulled out each lesson and those students (unless absent) read their stories to the class. The class then gives each student feedback and feedforward, this process is to encourage us to be able to present orally in front of our pairs and boost our confidence. We have heard great stories!

We have designed our very own ‘GUESS WHO!’ during one of our whole class writing sessions we wrote two truths about ourselves and a lie. As displayed in the class the caption is on the front. Parents have been ‘GUESSING WHO’ each caption belongs too. Each student has their picture inside the card. Room 12 found it very hard to lie (to trick their parents) which is a good sign!

Room 13

Pattern Art

This year in Art we are looking at patterns.

This term we have been thinking about a range of patterns and incorporating these into our art work.  We designed hot air balloons with at least three different patterns.  

We tried to make the patterns big and bold.  We used crayon to colour the patterns and then dye to finish it off.  When we finished our balloon we made a crayon and dye background for it. Here are a few of them.

Room 13 - Art

My Wacky Way to School

On Friday morning during our walk for fitness we all started coming up with crazy ways that we got to school.  It was such fun we decided to write about it.  

Here are our wacky stories.

My Wacky Way to School

Children are required to wear hats at morning tea and lunchtime during terms 1 & 4.        It is handy for the children to have a hat they can leave at school. 
It is a good idea for children to have a drink bottle to leave in their classroom.
Matipo has a no yoghurt policy (including squeezy pouches) due to the messy nature and smell when spilt on classroom carpets and in bags.
 Lost Property is displayed outside the staffroom in weeks 3, 6 & 9 of each term. Please name all clothes so  they can be returned to you.
 Please leave toys and special items at home.