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Meet Room 12!

We have had a great start to the year getting to know our new classmates and (for some) new teacher, Miss Campbell. We spent some time thinking about what a happy class feels like, looks like and sounds like and from there created our class treaty. Check it out!

Displaying IMG_2882.JPGWe have also done our self-portraits. These are Picasso-inspired! Can you guess who is who? 

We were so excited to share the stories from our summer holidays, so Miss Campbell asked us to write about our favourite memory. It was pretty hard to choose just one as there were so many to choose from! 

Room 12!!

Last week we had our Junior Athletics Day to find our finalists. We had to use all of the learning we have been doing in PE to good use. Check out some of the pictures. 




We have also been working on some artwork inspired by Vincent van Gogh. We aren't too sure what the picture will look like yet as we each have a small piece of the picture that we are creating and will put it together once we have finished. 

Bula from Room 12

Welcome back to term two! Where has the time gone! We had a fabulous term last term with lots of learning about how we could change our mindsets and become successful learners. We learnt about Mojo and how he and his friends learnt through from their mistakes, by challenging themselves and not giving up. Now it is time to put that learning into practice. 

Check out the video clips that we used: 

A Secret about the Brain

The Magic of Mistakes

The Power of Yet

The World of Neurons

Mojo Puts It All Together

Term 2

This term we are lucky enough to be getting some coaching sessions on basketball. Today was our first session and we loved it! We learnt how to dribble with both our left and right hands, we learnt to throw chest passes as well as bounce passes and we learnt some new games. 

Check out some of the photos. 

 We learnt how to dribble between our legs! 

Sometimes the ball got away from us :) 

This term we are learning about the Pacific Islands. We would love to have any experts come to teach us so please feel free to get in touch with Miss Campbell!