Room 13

Meet Room 13!

In the first week of school we spent time getting to know each other and talking about the things we need to do to have Room 13 run as a happy and effective classroom.  


We worked as groups to discuss the rules we thought we should have in our classroom 

and then shared these with the class.  We came up with our rules and made a bunting to display these.  Each member of the class made a pennant with a picture of ourselves and our signature.  

We spent lots of time working on our 'All About Me' projects and enjoyed sharing our photos with each other. 
You can see them on display in our classroom.  

This year we are lucky to have a student teacher, Miss Krefft.  She is in Room 13 for the first 10 days of school, and will also come in for most Tuesdays throughout the year.  Miss Krefft has been introducing us to some of her favourite books.  One of the books "Ish" had a great message that we will try to remember this year - "Do it 'ishly'... which means the most important thing is to try your best!"

Check out Room 13

Room 13 have been learning all about Growth Mindset. We watched a short video about 'Ormie', a little pig who never stopped trying. We thought this was a great message, and we are going to try and be like Ormie with our learning. Check it out below - it's very funny!


On Wednesday 4 March we held a fundraiser for Fiji. Here are a few of our stories about it.

In Fiji they had a big Cyclone Winston. It destroyed a lot of houses and 46 people died. So our school is fundraising. Some of the kids have dressed up for Fiji, so we are giving one or two dollars. They are gold coins. But you can give cash. The class with the most money is getting a bag of ice blocks so all of the kids are excited. By Luka.

Today at school we are fundraising for Fiji because some of the houses have been destroyed. 46 people died and that is really sad. By Peyton.

Dear Fiji,

To the people that have no houses I am so sad that you have no houses. I hope you find a home.

From Roma.


This year Room 13 are collecting postcards. We are really enjoying receiving lots of mail and learning about different places around New Zealand and the world. So far we have received 35 postcards - we wonder how many we will have altogether at the end of the year...


Some of the children in Room 13 have Mrs Dodd for maths, and they have been working hard to achieve their maths goals. Here is Cooper with his super maths learning and a proud Mrs Dodd.