Room 15

Wow! Aren't Room 15 awesome at Taekwondo!

Visitor in Room 15!

In the holidays, Room 15 got a letter from a Year 3 class in a school in California, USA. They had read a book about a boy named Stanley who had accidentally been flattened! The class then made a flat version of themselves which got mailed out around the world to go on fun and incredible adventures!

‘Flat Lyrica’ has been a part of our class this term and has been studying very hard with us! Here are some photos of her watching us write cool narrative writing, learn to play basketball, and practise our reading!


Last week, our syndicate also had a fun day exploring six different continents of the world for our Inquiry immersion day. We spent the whole day going to Europe to construct the Eiffel tower with straws, Africa to learn some drumming and body percussion, and South America for some dance lessons. We also got to explore dragon masks and games in Asia, aboriginal art in Australia, and even eat hot dogs in North America! What an amazing day we had!

Fun in Room 15!!

Last Friday, the Junior syndicate had our fun camp day! Everyone in the syndicate were dressed in green for St. Patricks Day and had a whole day of fun activities with students from other classes, like making yummy s’mores and a shamrock man! We were also very lucky to have a beautiful sunny day so we had our lunch altogether on the field.



We have also been busy in Room 15 exploring art around the world. We looked at window stained art in Europe and tried our best to replicate our own! We first traced around a design carefully, then filled it with bright beautiful colours. These are proudly displayed on our classroom window and they look amazing!!

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Next, we are going to India to explore their beautiful Henna art. Watch this space! ☺

Meet Room 15 J

We have had a great start to the year, thinking about why we come to school and what we need to do to stay happy at school. We decided to set 3 personal goals for ourselves about what we want to achieve in year 2016. We have displayed it on our class window so come and take a look.


We have also created self-portraits that focused on four different colour schemes and different mediums of art. We worked with warm colours, cool colours, black and white tones, and light-to-dark gradation. We think they look amazing!


 This week was also a special week for Room 15 as we had to say goodbye to Kitty, who is returning back to China after 2 weeks with us. She has drawn us a very beautiful picture as a farewell gift. We have enjoyed having you with us and will miss you very much, Kitty!