Room 16

Busy Week for Room 16

Last week proved to be a busy week for the students in Room 16. First event on our calendar was the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra concert in the hall on Tuesday afternoon. The next exciting event was the Rhythm Interactive Drumming Show held on Thursday morning in the school hall and we finished the week with our Friendship Day on Friday.

Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra Concert

Members of the percussion section of the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra came to showcase their talents and introduce the students to a variety of percussion instruments.



Rhythm Interactive Drumming Show

Rhythm Interactive is a show with real emphasis on audience participation. Each student was given an African styled hand drum so that they could play along with the drummer.



Friendship Day

Friendship Day was all about working together and celebrating positive social relationships. After lunch on Friendship Day students from the Junior Syndicate got together to participate in friendship games and activities.



Room 16 goes to the Opera!

Last Monday, Room 16 were treated to an opera performance titled “The Elixir of Love” performed in the school hall by the NZ Opera. The show is a romantic tale set in a fish and chip shop in a small New Zealand town.  We find Nemorino in love with the beautiful Adina (the shop owner’s daughter) but alas Adina doesn’t ever notice Nemorino, and he thinks she will never fall in love with him. The opera was composed by the Italian composer Donizetti with NZ Opera adding a Kiwi twist to the story line. It was a great show with the hall being filled with music and laughter. Check out the photos of the show.

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Meet Room 16!

Week three has been a busy and tiring (1st 5 day week of the year) week in Room 16 with all classroom programmes up and running. On Wednesday during our Strand Maths - Statistics, we had the opportunity to practise the Key Competency “Relating to Others”.

We demonstrated this by listening to others, listening to other people’s ideas, taking turns talking and showing respect for others.

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We had to work together in small groups to make and record down statements about data displays. We had to evaluate statements as true or false using the features of the data to support our evaluations. As you can see by the photos Room 16 were successful in achieving the Key Competency “Relating to Others”.