Room 19

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Room 19's inquiry learning:

Room 19 is currently learning about Asia for inquiry this term. These few weeks we have been learning about China. We were very lucky to have Mr.Chen bring in a class set of Diabolos for us to play with, which is a Chinese traditional toy that Mr.Chen used to play with when he was still a little boy living in Taiwan.  

YouTube Video

It took us a while to learn the technique of spinning the Diabolo as it was difficult to pick up. Watch the below tutorial: 

YouTube Video

However with lots of practise we all got it spinning by ourselves! Check out the photos and video: 


Diabolo R19.mp4

Room 19 poem champions! 

On the 31st of March we had our Junior syndicate poem finals in the hall. Congratulations to Charlie, Ruby, Andrew and Joaquin who were chosen to compete in the finals and doing an awesome job with their poem recital on stage in front of the children. Charlie and Ruby were chosen to compete in the school wide competition for the year 3’s! On the day of the school competition, they did such a great job reciting their poem that the judge could not decide who was better. So both of them won the 2016 Year 3 poem competition! We were super mega proud that both of the winners are from Room 19! You guys are champions!!!!!!

Poem Competition

Ni hao from Room 19!

Ni hao and happy Chinese New Year to you all!

In Room 19, we have a rule that we do everything at our best and we never give up even if we fail. Check out the below photos of how we line up in our assembly mode, sit down in our learning mode and work in our Jordan mode at our best!

To be in our Assembly Mode, we must keep our hands at the back, chest up and look straight ahead like soldiers! When we walk to assembly, this is the mode we must be in to show that we are organised, well behaved and respectful students at Matipo School. 
We know that listening is the key to effective learning. Therefore we must sit down in our Learning Mode when Mr.Chen is teaching. This is when we sit up and have our eyes locked on the teacher, arms and legs folded. 
Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever and we have been learning how hard he had to practise to become the best. We learnt from Michael Jordan that we must try our absolute best with everything we do. Even when we fail to achieve, we must still give our best effort and never give up! Therefore, when we do any independent work, we must work in our Jordan Mode. This is when we have our head down, stay focused on our task without distracting others and never give up even when the task is hard!