Room 20

Bonjour From Room 20

This term we have been working hard in writing to learn how best to describe a person or place. We love our Dojo Monsters so had a go at describing them.

My Dojo monsters name is Cotton Candy. She is three years old and she’s a girl.  Cotton Candy has pink silky, soft, fluffy fur. She also has blue shiny pretty eyes.  She is happy most of the time but sometimes she’s sad. Cotton Candy can also be really helpful.  Cotton Candy’s favourite thing to do is eat Cotton Candy and play talent show with another Dojo monster called Eyes. She also loves to rap.  I love my friend Cotton Candy a lot.

By: Sasha

My boy is 7 years old.  He is called Tooth Fairy.  He has brown hair and a brown body and short legs.  He is excited and funny.  He plays basketball and drums.  I like him because he is funny.

By: Ibrahim

My Dojo monster is a boy, his name is Silly Monster.  He has 4 legs, 2 teeth and 1 eye.  He’s happy as sometimes.  He is 6 years old but he is sad as sometimes.  He likes to go to bed and he likes to play games.  He likes to find stuff.  He is always happy.

By: Brody

My Dojo monster’s name is Cutie Pie.  It is a girl Dojo monster.  It is 2 years old.  It is very fuzzy too.  She has two legs.  When she smiles we can see her pearly white teeth in her mouth.  It likes to be very very cute.  She likes to play with her friends all day.  She likes to paint and colour.  She likes to chase the naughty birds.  The birds poop on her!  She likes to bake cakes in the oven.  She likes to swim a lot in the water.  She likes to scratch the window and the curtains.  She likes to do funny faces and it makes me laugh.

By: Lola

We have chosen to focus on France for our inquiry topic. We were very lucky to have Aubin's mum come in on Tuesday to tell us all about growing up and living in France.


Hi from Room 20!

Well we have made it to the end of term one and what a busy term we have had.  It doesn’t seem possible that 6 weeks have past since our last spotlight.

We really enjoyed our Fundraiser day for Fiji after Cyclone Winston.  We were one of the lucky classes who won ice blocks.  This was due to our fantastic hats. Special thanks to Lola’s mum 😊

We also had some drama when our class was flooded and we had to work in different places around the school while the carpet dried. 

Take a look at how hard we worked while out of the classroom.


Watercolour Portraits

Last time we shared what we had been doing during our Visual Art lessons.  We have just finished creating some portraits using watercolours.  Here they are…

ANZAC Scavenger Hunt

To finish the term Mrs Verney thought it would be fun to have a scavenger hunt to learn some important facts about ANZAC day.

 We really enjoyed finding all the clues she had hidden around the class.

Hello From Room 20!


It doesn’t seem possible that we are already at Week 5 and nearly halfway through Term 1.

Over the last 4 weeks the Year 2 children have been adjusting to a new syndicate, classroom, teacher and classmates.  The Year 3’s have done a fantastic job of making them feel welcome and have supported them with learning new routines.


Everyone is enjoying our Visual Art topic this term as we are looking at creating portraits.  We are learning how to draw ourselves as well as others,  

To help us we are looking at some famous artists and the techniques they have used to create their pictures.


Last week our focus was on using colour to show emotions.  We looked at some paintings by Picasso and discussed how he had used cool colours like blues to show sadness and warm colours like reds to show happiness.

Then we had a go ourselves.