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Hola from Room 21!

This term Room 21 have traveled to Mexico. We've been learning about what life in Mexico is like and have learnt a Mexican Hat Dance. This week we performed it at assembly!

We have also been learning about money and created our own class money. We can earn money in lots of different ways and get to spend it on all sorts of things like sitting on a chair, playing on the iPads or even being the teacher!!

Kia Ora from Room 21!

We have had a great start to the year and have all been working hard to make Room 21 a great place to learn.

For Inquiry we decided we wanted to learn about healthy food.


We have been super busy developing our cutting skills and making this rainbow. Did you know that everyday you should try to eat as many colours of fruit and vegetables as you can? How many have you eaten today?

We also have been talking about healthy snacks. We all thought that popcorn wasn’t very healthy because it is made with lots of ingredients, has lots of sugar and you butter in it… But then we made it!

Mrs Leijh showed us that you only need corn kernels and a little bit of oil. While we waited for it to pop we asked lots of questions and talked about being safe while cooking.



We then divided our popcorn up and added different things to each bowl to flavour it. Some of us like it best with just a tiny bit of salt, others liked the cinnamon version and some of us liked it with a bit of cinnamon, icing sugar and salt!




After trying all the different flavour combinations we all got to eat some more of our favourite and we enjoyed, what we now know, can be a healthy snack.



Wow! It is already the end of term one! This term we have been working really hard to be successful learners. We have learnt about having a growth mindset and how we’re going to keep on trying if we can’t do something. We have also been earning how we are all experts at different things and that we can teach each other, Mrs Leijh isn’t the only teacher in Room 21!

Here are some pictures of us teaching each other.

Andre is an expert at drawing Skylanders and he taught us all how to draw two of them.

Kaelee and Diana showed us how to make a folder flower.

And we had a lot of experts to teach us how to cartwheel!

We have also been working hard on our writing. Last week Mrs Leijh taught us about a type of poem called a couplet. We’re very proud of what we have written.

King Kong
By Charlie
I saw King Kong
Playing ping pong
On a whale
In a snail.
He was versing a t-rex
That was in a text.

The Wasp
By Jannae
I saw a wasp sting
While he was wearing a ring.
He was on a boat
While he was wearing a coat.
He had some mail
That was written in a fail.
He saw a child
That was very wild.
He was in the sea and he saw a fish.
It gave him a wish.
That thing was weird
When it appeared.
He had some coke
That make him smoke.
He was very rude.
He was also in a mood.

By Alana
In winter there is snow.
It is shaped like a bow.
The snow is white
And the snow is glittering bright.
The snow drops on my head.
I am so cold that I want to go to back to bed.
I had some hot chocolate
Next to a rock chick.

Wolf Howl
By Mathilda
I saw a wolf howl
And got out a towel.
The wolf ate a fly
And went to die.
A different wolf came
And was to blame.

Me and the Sea
By Diana
One day I went to the sea
But when I stepped in I was only three.
I saw some pods,
Then I saw some fishing rods.
I caught a monkey
But it was so grumpy.

By Ava
I went in the sea
And I turned into a he.
I was a boy
Which was a toy.
I was afraid
With a maid.

By Mila
When leaves tremble the wind passes by.
My friend came to the beach and then there was a cry.
There was a rat
And it looked like a mat.
The mat was a really scary rat.

John Cena
By Cruz
I saw John Cena
In a pepper
Singing about a ship
And it did a flip.

By Nico
Summer is hot.
It is as hot as a pot.
Flowers bloom
And I ran down a sand dune.
When I got to the bottom I saw a fish
And it gave me a wish.
I wished for a cat
But it brought me a rat.
It made me really bad.
I was mad.

The Sea
By Aiden
Nova went to the sea
With mum and me.
We saw some boats
On them were two goats,
Five boys
With five toys,
And a girl
Who had a pearl.
They were not real
They were just a seal.
The seal did a backflip
And then the seal had a dip.

My Mum
By Noah
My mum is dumb.
My mum is a big bum.
She likes to play drums
While eating plums.

By Jackson
I saw birds
They had some nerds.
They were in a nurse.
It was a curse.

The Shark Who Barked
By Ihaka
I saw a shark
It went bark.
The shark was swimming in a pool.
The pool was full.
I was happy
And I was a chappy.

My Mum
By Lucia
My mum is nice
And sometimes she eats rice.
She brought a kitten
And we were going to name it Mitten.
My mum is cool
And she uses a tool.
My mum is pretty
Like a kitty.
She has black hair
But it’s not the shape of a square.
She’s not fluffy
Like a puppy.
My mum isn’t red
Like a bed.
My mum takes me to Smiggle
And we sometimes giggle.

The Singing Skink
By Matai
I saw a skink.
It was pink.
It sings
And dings
With me
And Lee.

A Baboon Balloon
By Shana
There was a balloon
That was shaped like a baboon.
It was very bright,
And it smelt like Sprite.
It had a belt
And it felt like felt.
It was night
And it lit up like a light,
Inside it had a tree
With a bee.
It had a pool
That felt very cool.
It lit on fire
And it went higher.

By Andre
I saw a lizard
That turned into a wizard.
I saw a jet
That turned into a pet.
I saw a moose
That turned into a goose.
I saw a dog
That turned into a bog.
I was lucky
And turned into a ducky.

The Sunset
By Jessica
The sun is like a star
The shape of a car.
It’s on my back
Just like a sack.
The sun is very bright
Like Sprite.
The sun rises
With so many surprises.
The sun gets hot
Like a robot.
The sun is cool
Like a pool.

By Daniel

There was a snail
That was the size of a whale.
Snails are slow
And they go to a show.
Snails go to shows and they say wow
And then pow.

By Jessie
I saw some snow
And it fell very low.
It rained on my head
While I was lying in bed.
It was very cold
So I made a mold.
I saw mice
Eating ice.
A tree was bare
So I sat on a chair.
I fell in the snow
While it made a rainbow.

The Show
By Isaac
There was a show
And I didn’t know.
There was a cow
And it said “Pow! Pow!”
It was green
And very mean
The clock
Went shock, shock
He brushed his hair
And it was bare.
He had a toy cat
And it looked like a mat.
There was a flower
And it was in a shower.

Sneaky Gorilla
By Liam
I saw a gorilla.
He was drinking vanilla.
He was swinging a pillow
At a willow.
I was scared
So I stared.

The Sea
By Kaelee
I went to the sea.
I saw a monkey
And I was three.
I saw a meerkat that looked like me.